Malti Gupta

Commented 4 years ago

This is wrong human killed the dogs , because human forget they are faithful animals . If we are not care of dogs, then we have not a right killed animals. Mostly people are saying killed dogs because human is save , I think that person is refuse they killed always every thinks when is that not use for human . I asked that why do human eat non-veg? If you are right reply ? In police station, how many case regarding criminal, rape, murder etc. So you are support i.e. right reduce population like etc.? Why do we see to hate criminal people? If you see case register than You comment what is right and what is wrong? Because rabies is God provide to dog, so what is dogs mistake and why do we killed. Next time we have problem other animals and your according to killed all animals . Human is killed to much regular 1 million animals compare to animals, So rabies injection are available in hospital and you fill fine and save , not killed you, If any human killed dogs bite so this blame to health sector rabies injection always provide in hospital not refuse any people. When do hospital / dispensary refuse our mistake that time every person use to right their . According to right is every human , every animals etc. If human every time killed handicapped animals so this is not a right and in Govt. law is not favour of killed animals."

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