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"Test check"
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"During hard times like these with Chinese Stand-off, etc is this a good thing to publish our country weakness?"
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""Mr Rai denied suggestions that he was closely associated with the Samajwadi Party, whose campaign he was part of the in 2017 Assembly elections"

He is part of samajwadi party campaign - Then how can he be called a whistleblower NDTV- kuch bhiiii"
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"Congress cannot challenge unless they change below 3 things...

Do not target Modi, unless by a leader who is as of same level by the common people - like Shashi Tharoor, not Rahul Gandhi..

Project the leadership, which can be perceived as better than BJP leadership..

Become a pro-poor party, not a pro-minority. Do not make mistakes of Karnataka government, which has launched programs which are targeted for a particular community. This will create discomfort in the majority community.

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"@Anonymous: Every goods following demand and supply. Why government controlling food prices? As government controlling food prices and taking former profits, it should provide relief to farmers when they got loss. Government imported weat/rice/onion etc..somanytimes to control prices."
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