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"So, it's not an "official age limit". Which means that it only applies to those whom Modi ji want to retire..........."
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"I know english singing and Indian singing are quite different, but this is really seriously bad attempt. It's ok to try, but the fact that he uploaded it means that he liked it himself. That is the most hilarious thing about this....."
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"@Girish: Its not a 2lakh rupees scam. The scam of such magnitude has to be responsibility of govt. If PNB or any such govt run company posts a profit of 5000 crore, then govt will get all the applause. So, why are they responsible for such a great loss??

A lot of railways ministers have paid the price of train accidents. Were they driving those trains themselves???? No, but as Shatru said, Captain gets the credit so he should also get the blame...."
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"@Cold Storage: Army means action, not loose political statements. Thats what the Army chief did wrong, if you know what I mean. Have u heard RAW cheif say such things, although he must be knowing every such activity and more?? That is because some things are said in confidential meetings and not in open seminars.."
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"@Anon: Army has always dealt with the threats. but thru action and not thru speeches and statements. Nobody is stopping Army chief from doing what army needs to do. But he should not expose Army to political arguments, by giving political statements. Things he said, should be said by him secretly to the Defence Minister and PM. And if our PM and DM were any good, they would have reprimanded him for this public statement...

But what can we expect from these people, when PM himself says that Ex-P..."
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