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"To Jamilla: it is idealist to believe that India - a country where over 300 million Indians live in such extreme poverty that they literally never know where their next meal will come from; a country where a million Indian children a year die of diarrhea (not to mention starvation or other illnesses); a country where Indian women are sterilized by the Indian government - is going to "educate" the rural women of its country. The reality is that rural Indian women live in households that - with a combined family income - may not even be $30 U.S. Dollars a month. The poverty in India is real. Therefore: surrogacy in India gives rural woman an opportunity to make money. This is an opportunity that literally exists in no other way. Surrogacy is quite literally the ONLY way for many India women to begin to escape extreme poverty. Surrogate mothers make upward of $5000 U.S. Dollars for their labor and work in 9 months time. This is the equilivant of ten years of work. Banning surrogacy is not a solution to any problem. Banning just sweeps it under the rug, represses women into the black market, shames women further - all under the false guise of "protecting rural women". We need to regulate not ban. There is NO SHAME in being a surrogate. And as a woman I believe that how we women choose to work and make money is our business. Not the business of the government. The government should not own women's bodies. Surrogate mothers need to be paid more and they need to receive great pregnancy and post pregnancy care, this is absolutely true."

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