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"If I were China, of course I will support Pakistan because Pakistan is China's die hard ally and more reliable. On top of that, India has named China as enemy. So, how can China support enemy?

The status now is India has its 2 big neighbors as enemies. Bangladesh is half-enemy. Nepal has just been back stabbed by India and won't sides India anymore. All India's neighbors are not India's friends."
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"To counter any threat from China ? Stupid Indians mindset. If China wants to take India, China wouldn't have retreated from close to New Delhi in 1962 unilaterally.

Indians are totally different from Chinese in cultures, language...etc everything. And India has nothing other than dirt and poor. China's gdp is 5 times more than India's. Chinese will never wanted India. Indians always think they are rich and China intends to own India. It's committing suicide if Chinese to rule India."
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"China has became world 2nd largest economy. They have to thank Indians who love to buy their products so much. There are China's products in almost all Indian house."
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"India clearly has the intention to do it. India doesn't trust almost ALL of it's neighboring countries. The countries it trust are thousands mile away oversea like Australia, Japan."
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"Everything taking place is what India wants. Don't blame others.

India has never been friendly and trust all of it's neighboring countries. It only trusts countries oversea thousand(s) mile away."
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