Roshan ALHindusthani

Commented 4 years ago
"Your main theme may be development. but people understood that your main aim is to implement RSS agenda by Dadri, kalburgi etc. that is the resean why opposition of BJP in Bihar "spoilt" the narrative ie. people need to live peacefully. your people tried to break communal harmony. but people of Bihar have broke your presence. their vision of nation is entirely different from your's. you need not to blame media about their focusing on the issues made by your team members because they one of the pillars of our nation and it is their responsibility to secure communal harmony and secularism. they have done their part perfectly. but your's was utter foolishness.

The issues of firecrackers, Dadri, Karnataka, hate speech etc. influenced the election even though you people not admitted it.

You are right that State govt is responsible for the issues happened in the State. But these types of communal issues started to happen continuously after your team throned into the centre. After getting the power, the BJP and RSS workers are live in a dream world that every individuals of the party are rulers and they have the power to decide what others do or do not. Simultaneously, some of your leaders and MPs spiced up the workers by hate speech. But, our PM was in 'Silent Mode'.(Actually he was in 'violent mode' about Biharis DNA !) He has his own responsibility to stop these kind of issues by personal influence on people especially his party members and political power. but he didn't used it. He is the leader of the country and the representative of our country to the world. But he didn't do it. That is why media focused these issues and opposition made statements against central govt and PM.

You said in the conversation that Mr. Amit Shah called the 'hate speakers' to 'Scold'. Is this enough? because some of them are MPs ie. the representative of the people. They shoul consider people equally regardless of their religion, caste, economy etc. If BJP is a responsible party to the people and the nation it should exclude those leaders from party and parliament."

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