Roshan ALHindusthani

Commented 4 years ago
"Finally, the top and ‘outdated' leaders have broken their silence to conserve the party. The statements coming from the present leaders of BJP have shown us that even their assessment on the Bihar debacle is failure. It would be very helpful for BJP by saying "everyone is responsible for defeat in Bihar" as the old leaders told "to ensure everyone is held responsible". Last Saturday Kerala local body result had came out and BJP has secured good position in the history of Kerala ever. Leaders have said that it reflects the governance of PM Modi. But if they face failure they are not ready to assess or accept the core issues. As they told, a "thorough review needed for reasons for defeat". In this review apart from the failures of governance, the in party democracy and intolerance issues will come up. BJP is a group of very efficient and charismatic leaders so that they should assess the inducements thoroughly and use their efficiency for the sake of the nation and people regardless of their caste and religion and the present leaders should ready to listen the old leaders opinion as they have experience and know the smell of the soil."

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