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"It is safe to assume in interest of nation neither Mufti Mhd Sayeed was good for country not his daughter is good for country. We don't know how and when they will back stab this country."
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"Action should be taken against whom? mob or government? For a common man in India there is no government, no administration, no justice system.........................etc.etc. So why people should not be violent. There is no hope for an ordinary, hardworking common man, we are leading towards a violent society in future. People can be always tolerant and cant remain optimistic forever from an hopeless system."
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"When we watch a movie we must also check characters of people attached with film, we must understand later they will become hero by our hard earned money and malign society."
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"So finally court understood all this is drama and lack of alternative transport is causing huge trouble to public and loss of productivity. Kejriwal and company must understand such studies must be done first on paper. All claims being made by AAP people are also baseless."
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