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"Why did these guys leave the Company if they keep giving opinion about each and every decision of the professional mangers in public? If staying out of power is so difficult, who told you to go? You could have stayed in the company and run it the way you wanted, like any other businessman! Don't screw up guys."
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"Hindi fanatics? What kind of reporting is this? Media thrives in rabble rousing these days."
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"Awesome - this man is on a mission. India needs more like him."
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"We need more Muslims like her to denounce what's going on in the world in the name of their religion. Of course, these guys are terrorists but the community should come out strongly denouncing their acts and keeping a watch on the incendiary seminaries which are the breeding grounds for these acts."
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"Wow! Slow and steady, but the government is definitely and firmly closing the window of corruption and massive leakage of public money."
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