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"Thank you Tasneem and Gadget 360 for sharing such timely and critical updates. This is a good initiative and I shall make use of this feature."
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"I immediately called up Vodafone to activate the new plans, but was told I cant go ahead during the on-going period. I need to change the plan 1 day in advance before the billing cycle. All excitement gone to vain."
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"The day I decide to buy a new mobile, I come across such news about new product launches which hinders my plan. Too confused. But thank you for the review."
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Their after sale service is extremely poor and unprofessional. I am already facing issues with my OnePlus One. It's been almost 15 days since I have submitted my phone to the service center, they have still not repaired it. Think twice before buying the phone or accessories from them. They should rename the brand OneMinus One... They are so lethargic in their after sale service."
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