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"@Anonymous: Well if your only intention is to criticize and you're really full of hate.. all you'll see is black... there are tons of social activity work that is being done by him and his organization... do some honest research... there are simply too many things being done by him"
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"Does the NGT have any sense of responsibility? These judges are good at making a joke of themselves... who do they think they are.. Gods? no one can question them?

Sri Sri has not only been award in India but throughout the world by many many governments because of the social work that his organization does... before spewing venom against him.. please do some research on various work being done by him."
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"S.S. Ahluwalia is a Lok Sabha MP and not a Rajya Sabha from West Bengal."
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"Yar PM ki race mein to mein bhi tha magar mera number bhi nahin aya."
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