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"What is wrong with everyone? Some people shouldn't be allowed to exist, let alone have kids and have a family."
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"Akshay Kumar itna lamba lamba chorke jaate hai Facebook pe. Ho gaya ab?"
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""as has been claimed by some printing press officials"

This is your source? Right. Awesome journalism."
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"People who are soon going to start ranting on this, I hope you know that there is no limit on the deposit that you can make to your account. The amount that you can withdraw from ATM is 2500/- per day. So limiting the swapping to the same amount is logical. Think before you rant."
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"People look like they are happy that they are getting the movie for free but are not thinking that all of the fight that the producers and the directors did for getting the unaltered movie to us on the big screen, all of that went to waste. It is going to cause such a huge loss.

As a sign of respect for what the whole film industry did to get this movie out of the arms of the CBFC, I am going to watch it in the theatre."
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