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"Once there was a small town boy named Prateek . He lost her father too early in life, he became critically ill as well very early in life. And because of his illness he kept on to himself all the time. Because of these all reasons he became different, very different. His prospective about everything changed because of the disease, the suffering , the loneliness he had.

Because of his loneliness he came to the on line world as he was on bed rest. Now he started to attract a lot of eye balls as he was very different from others in the way he posted. Prateek then entered stock markets as he was not able to do HARD physical work. There also he started posting his very REAL and strange views about the markets, book value, P.E ratio. He just made a mockery of everything with his complete GROUND level knowledge. As his views were very strange and different , so may be they attracted the attention of some very powerful people. Sooner what happened was that the stocks prateek talked about started reacting to what he said. And then it started with every stock and even the market as a whole. He became more and more powerful { In the virtual world} but in the real word he still remained the same small town boy Prateek.

Here in this virtual world people started imagining that who is he ? Is there some Big old billionaire man fooling around everyone with the id of Prateek. T.V anchors started thinking that he would be a big stock broker or industrialist of their age and got attracted. But what no one ever imagined was that he was just a small town boy with a lot and lot of influence both in the political circles and the stock markets.

When Prateek noticed the regular big big things in the stock markets and political circuit happening because of him, he got worried as he was just a good writer and nothing more.

One day out of fear of getting caught in some thing big and his name or knowledge getting misused Prateek stopped posting for ever.

But then taking advantage of the BRAND and the fan following in the real world and the impact which Prateek left. FAKE ids got created by top politicians etc to fool around everyone. Prateek’s greedy relatives Rajnish bajwa and indu bajwa were hired and offered tones of money.

While very strangely Prateek was harassed all the time and was left to die.

When a lot of strange things started happening in Prateeks’s real life then Prateek thought that its high time he posted again and cleared some doubts. Prateek knew that some thing was going behind his back in the virtual world which he left and thats causing all these ups and downs in his life.

He started posting about all this on his facebook page. Now the people who were engaging in this behind the back game, got afraid of being exposed and then the rest is in the on-line FIR itself.

Today my voice is getting big time suppressed and this all because of these high and mighty politicians. The are using every dirty trick in the book to stop my version from coming out.They want me to be in blind all the time and keep on fooling around everyone with the blame on my head.

My whole life , my privacy has gone for a toss to feed this on line posting world with something. The entire news and media industry just works around something that has to do with me in my real life all the time.

I have hard solid issues in my life which people find very strange and hard to believe. On the other hand they get some nice stuff to read so they enjoy reading all that.

Nobody wants to listen to the truth,There is hardly any seriousness in anyones life to understand serious mature subject."

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