prateek bhatia

Commented 3 years ago
"YES. Shame on people for sure who REALLY did that. The case of ANUSHKA can be a genuine one. But then don't let this become the rule that wmen commit serious crimes along with their husband. And in the end just put a false case of molestation or trolling on others to hide their own wrong doings.

Why this selective behavior. If two innocent individuals are in really suffering a lot, like me and my mother . Then u even after being a women have no time for audience with us. But if some celeb goes through a bit of trolling then you have a lot of praise for the person taking his side.

So bravo for kohli who stood by women , he is ur hero. But what for u , who even after being a women , is not able to stand by a women. u are not my heroine { some one i look up to}, that way madam. Do a bit of soul searching."

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