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Happy New Year one and all! Let there be lots of light and laughter in 2014 for you. Remember to be kind to people and animals! 6 years ago

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Maya Sharma : 6 years ago
@Arghya Banerjee I am glad you appreciated the programme.It was so nice to cover this positive work th...more
Maya Sharma : 6 years ago
@Aditya Prasad Tiwari I will forward your suggestion to Dr Shetty. I am sure there would be a plan for ...more
Maya Sharma : 6 years ago
@Kanti Subramanyam I hope your maid does get help. Yes - many people are unaware of this - that such fa...more
Akshay Jain : 6 years ago
Wishing you a great 2014 as well.
Vijay V : 6 years ago
Maya it looks like you're an animal lover. So am I. I even have a blog on wildlife photography. Hap...more
Kanti Subramanyam : 6 years ago
Hi Maya, your program on the Hospital of Hope was excellent. Wish you could present a kannada version of...more
Aditya Prasad Tiwari : 6 years ago
I have seen the coverage of Narayana Health hospital at Mysore.It is great help for poor people. I humbl...more
Arghya Banerjee : 6 years ago
just seen a wonderful coverage on Narayana Health hospital@Mysore. I sincerely thank Maya Sharma for thi...more
Vijay V : 6 years ago
Mayaji I'd rather support the BJP or Congress than AAP/ They're naxalite and they can just thr...more
Vijay V : 6 years ago

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