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Welcome back,Yeddyurappa-all is forgiven,says the BJP as the prodigal son returns to the party.Vote catchers needed ahead of polls! 6 years ago

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Aditya Khanna : 6 years ago
Well people like corrupts ! they are the heroes of Modern India apparently !
Vijay V : 6 years ago
Maya I hope AAP virus - red virus- has not attacked your state. The middle classes have cliched brains i...more
Vijay V : 6 years ago
I don't mind criminal and corrupt politicians as long as they keep AAP mobs under control.
Vijay V : 6 years ago
Indian masses have a criminal tendency. I feel the politicians are the best to control the, We are crimi...more
Vijay V : 6 years ago
MAYAJI. I respect you a lot. Now Ma'am the AAP is talking communist. India has a wealth of business...more
Akshay Jain : 6 years ago
This will be good for BJP, there is no use of anything in democracy if people dont vote for you.
Rajat Kumar Mohindru : 6 years ago
B.S. Yeddyurappa was a staunch Party Worker and successful Chief Minister of Karnataka . As with his exi...more

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