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Its been a couple of days that we landed in Trivandrum..the gateway to the monsoon in India.Though its been drizzling and pouring in turns here,the monsoon still eludes us.Rather monsoon here in kerala has decided not to be early but on time like always,the 30th of may or the 1st of June . 1st of June in kerala means the schools reopen after the summer vaccation and the children go to school with umbrellas as it pours sheets of rain. Everyone here has a favourite rain story..the earliest memory of rain. So did adoor..Adoor gopalakrishnan..the padma vibhushan,"Commander of the order of Arts and Letters" film maker from kerala whose films have been raved about on national and many international platforms. I called up Adoor fearing that he ofcourse will be too busy to meet me.But no..a very gentle voice on the phone asked me to come over the next day. This was so unlike bollywood(which i dont cover luckily)..where if u give someone time so easily means u are just "not happening". So the next day we drove to Pulayanur kota(hope i spell it right..tried a hundred times to pronounce it right )..asking for directions from every possible person, from the auto guy to someone sipping his evening coffee at a corner to security guards, in our terrible accent. The place is a little away from the city . But what a drive through the greenest green coconut groves, winding roads uphill and downhill. And finally there we were in front of a beautiful traditional kerala style house ,red tiled sloipng roof amidst banana trees. This was adoor's home. Designed by him some 34 years ago.After the initial rounds of conversation i asked Adoor what is his earliest memory of the rain.He said "going to school after the summer vacccation on the 1st of June ,getting drenched in the first monsoon showers,barefeet in the slush." This is how regular the monsoon was in kerala ..always.As we chatted over a cup of fresh coffee,i commented how someone lioke me who isn't much of a coffee drinker has taken to coffee here in kerala..i like the coffee here! "yes but wait till you get to Tamilnadu..the coffee there is better..we must concede somethings".And isnt it always better to drink your coffee in a porcelain cup than the paper cups at the modern cafes these days I would rather not have coffee" said Adoor and i couldnt agree more :) 9 years ago

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