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We waited eagerly for the monsoon to be declared officially even though it rained on and off here in Trivandrum and other parts of Kerala. For people in general it did not make much of a difference wether the monsoon was officially declared or not. They were getting their share of rain anyways. But for all of us on the Monsoon express it was a signal we waited for to start our journey with the clouds criss crossing the country.
The met department here in trivandrum was abuzz with activity over the last week, sending weather balloons, measuring wind speed, air pressure ,rainfall. etc. there are 14 monitoring stations across kerala, lakshadweep and karnataka . Of these monitoring stations 60 percent have to send inputs of favourable conditions, only then monsoon is declared. Its monsoon afterall.India's huge economy is dependent on it . As we travel across kerala, through cootnad,near Aleppey, the rice bowl of kerala , saw lush green paddy fields ready to receive the first monsoon showers. It rains half the year here in kerala...the summer rain now and the retreating monsoon . For most people here rain is something you take for granted..its not something you yearn for but thats because its difficult to imagine a Kerala without rain. So its now Monsoon time..enjoy and rejuvenate ! 10 years ago

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