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Aleppey is beautiful with a criss cross of canals but what is lesser known and breathtaking is the cootnad area of Aleppey. I drove to chenganassery yesterday...the road and the canals run parallel. This area is actually 4 feet below the sea level. It is water locked.In the not so developed parts of cootnad people still use boats for transport like we use cars and bicycle. Its a beautiful sight. You can get a glimpse of it in the pictures i have put up.This area is also called the rice bowl of with paddy fields. Cootnad has its own strong rain connection. Rain is life giving to the people here in more ways than agriculture. Even though cootnad is surrounded by water there is not a drop to drink. Rain water is harvested here to be used as drinking water. People really live in harmony with nature. They know how precious is rain. For years they tried using the rain water for cooking and drinking by filtering it through fine cloth but now are getting used to the simple technology of harvesting the rain water. I visited a school which also had a rain water tank and all the children were aware of the value of rain without being taught big lessons on going green.Its beautiful to see this co existence. Hope it remains this way. 10 years ago

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