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If you are the type who likes to mingle with nature, romance the mountains, feel the tingling breeze, watch the leaves flutter and hear the birds chirp..then coorg is the place for you. Add to rhat a heady aroma of fresh coffee brew..lush cofee plantations, thats coorg for you. The locals refer to their land as 60/40...thats the length and breadth of coorg. Its the land of the brave "kodavas" a martial race who reveres tradition.
Early morning we set out for coorg..its a 4 hour drive from Mangalore..the drive is amazing as you are flanked by dense green on either side, with an occasional glimpse of the ntravati river. You can feel the cool mountain breeze on your skin.The roads are narrow and winding though, if you are not used to mountain driving it can cause your head to spin a bit. The entrance to coorg is madakeri..a tiny town now seeing a lot of tourists. The first sight that welcomes you is a statue of general Cariappa..yes he was from coorg. Coorg is actually Kodavu but like many other places the British changed its name to coorg because Kodavu was too much of a tongue twister for them. In the south there is a long list of such places .Remember they changed Allapuzha to aleppey, kollam to quilon, Thiruvananthpuram to Trivandrum, Kozhikode to calicut and so on...
Anyways what drove us to coorg was the story of coffee and we were to meet mr. cariappa..he owned a couple of coffee estates. Tired after our long hill drive we chose the nearest coffee estate. The coffee bushes are beautiful. The leaves have an amazing sheen.Though a lot of coffee berries had already withered waiting for rain showers. Coffee is a very rain sensitive crop. It has to get the right quantity of rain at the right time. In the middle of the coffee estate saw a 100 year old cottage which is now let out to tourists looking for a quite holiday in the midst of nature. Stay there and gorge on all the purest organic fruit you can lay your hands on...bananas to jungle jackfruit which is so sweet and fragrant. I did not know that the elephants love the fragrance of the jackfruit ..they always come looking for it.Mr. cariappa was in love with his land for obvious reasons. Last time he went to bombay was 22 years ago. He said mumbai even 22 years back was too crowded and too fast for him. Everyone seemed in a hurry . It had a funny effect on him...he said, it made him walk very fast without any work ..i guess on a subconscious level he was trying to keep pace with the city . He said " after 15 days in the city when i came back to coorg i felt i could breathe again."
I loved listening to these stories sitting by a 100 year old cottage surrounded by a rich variety of flora..from coffee bushes to avocado trees to the rare rosewood. But then we had our deadlines to meet and more stories to file so it was now time to leave.
We had our quote of jungle jackfruit fresh from the tree and freshly brewed coffee on the coffee estate and boarded the monsoon express once again to follow the clouds ,chase the monsoon and get you more tales of the rain. 9 years ago

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