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Was the IPL auction fair game or was it like cheating in sports? Dr. Roy: Are these good players? Do they deserve to be at the level of the IPL the Pakistani players? Ajay Jadeja: There is no doubt in my mind. You know the talents of these players. They were probably the most talented players of this auction. I mean that's the clear cut answer when it comes to cricket but you are going to look at the business side of the IPL I mean I don't blame the owners infact last year in the IPL you didn't have a single Pakistani players and nobody talked about it because the situation was different Dr Roy: The issue here it is infuriating not just for people of Pakistan but a lot of Indians too that you humiliated those Pakistani players. You put up their names and then you did not bid for them. Don't put up their names, say they are not allowed, as Ajay says whatever the reason business, security be. But did you feel a sense of outrage or humiliation or not? Saeed Kirmani: Absolutely. I am totally with you what your feelings are and I am also of a similar feeling you see. Now it is very important that you know this is where it is a very delicate issue. When you don't include the Pakistani players it becomes a huge issue. In fact these sporting events bring friendship, bring peace and they bring a lot of togetherness. And if you don't have Pakistani players after announcing their names and they are definitely more talented or equally competent as anybody else. Announcing their names and not bidding....... Dr. Roy:It seems like a conspiracy ...? Saeed Kirmani: It's not a fair game. Dr. Roy: One of the great things of IPL was seeing Indian and Pakistani players hugging each other after each wicket and it was a wonderful scene and they did well. They played very well Ajay Jadeja: I totally agree and I don't think the problem between the Pakistani players and the Indian players are over even with the media. I think the situation we are in at this moment I mean the political situation that we have was very difficult for people to take a chance and say look if we get a Pakistani player what's the reaction going to be whether it's from the crowd whether it's somebody else if that is the case I mean I am not defending the IPL here. The only thing I would like to say is if that is the case why aren't we playing India Pakistan Bilateral Series ? The teams aren’t playing with each other. Dr. Roy:You make a very important point I mean if you don't have India Pakistan playing together...if you don't have India Pakistan games. But then the issue is don't be hypocritical. Say no Pakistani players be it whatever business, security don’t say they are allowed and then none of us will pay for them I mean I think it brings India down right in our own eyes. Ajay Jadeja: I think they've been hypocritical and there is no doubt about that. I have no first hand knowledge but I have no doubts about that there must have been a dictat because 8 of these owners sat there and agreed to not bid for anybody Dr. Roy: To keep silent is not easy in India Ajay Jadeja: That wasn't the case I mean I would have been more saddened because you had some great cricketers from around the world. Shane Warne was trying to co-ordinate from Australia Saurav Ganguly was one of the greatest cricketing minds. I don't see them not picking up these players. Dr. Roy: You know Saeed there is a horrible whisper campaign going on that there was no dictat. Noboby bid for them because the Pakistani players behave badly? Did they behave badly when you played with them? Did they behave badly in the first round? Is it a downright slur in their character? They are like any of us Saeed Kirmani: Absolutely. You know whenever we play against Pakistan players or anyone else we have that wonderful understanding amongst ourselves. we have such wonderful friendships amongst ourselves you see we are so sporting and we were acknowledged by one and all that we are great friends.Whatever may be the reason you see they should not have ignored the Pakistani players.This could bring in strained feelings between the boards and the individuals concerned maybe. You see if you are not including any Pakistani players you've got to be very transparent about it. These are very delicate issues. Dr. Roy: Transparency is what both of you are saying is the key thing.A great tournament the IPL be transparent or take the Pakistani players.That's all. They have the talent they are great players Ajay Jadeja: I guess they are worrying too much about you and rest of the media in this country. Because if they had the Pakistani players then a lot of people would say in this situation why do you need Pakistani players? Because you had an IPL that went through without Pakistani players and nobody had a question about it. 10 years ago

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