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Tech trends of 2010.
Tech Trend Predictions 2010. Do add tech trends and others to this list as also tell me your most awaited gadget of 2010.

1. Smartbooks may kill Netbooks and notebooks. Instant on and all day battery life will become commonplace.

2. The great tablet question will finally be solved. Apple will make or break this segment.

3. The OS as a backbone to all things and all devices will start to seem completely irrelevant.

4. Smartphones will move to much larger screens, but will become too big and unwieldy, 4 to 4.5 inch screens will wow, then become commonplace and then fade.

5. Impossible for a smartphone to sell without an app store to back it. Apps will become the business model for phones in 2010

6. First time in the last 15 years, mobile commerce will finally pay off and it will be due to the apps and the small purchases that it will enable.
7. Smartphone prices will move to an all time low, sub 5000 too

8. Android will make the most noise in 2010, Bada will fail. iPhone will not be the god phone till the next release, Palm will recover and come out with one more killer product, Nokia will continue to slide, Blackberry will slightly decline and Windows mobile will die a slow but painful death.

9. Number portability in India will change the mobile phone game

10. 3G will still not have an impact in 2010

11. The e-reader phenomenon will peak and die by end of 2010

12. First OLED TV's in medium sized displays will become commercially available

13. Cloud computing will become main stream and will no longer be “clouded’ under as tech for the geeks

14. Open source software will start making some (read that as little, very little) money, mainly due to the to cloud.

15. Green technology will be big business in 2010, making an impact on everthing - from smartphones to computers to servers to storage devices. Going green in electronics will be a given and a vital part of the ‘features’ of a product.

16. Flash memory of all kinds including SSD’s will move to an affordable level and will be the start of the end of the rotating disk drives

17. Social media networking may almost replace email but it will peak this year and start its decline. This will be due to the increasing emphasis on marketing and advertising through social networks. No new big bang idea this year in this field. 10 years ago

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Krishna Kumar P Nair : 5 months ago
Pls suggest a best smart phone within Rs.10K to 20K
Rishi Nagrani : 11 months ago
Can you tell me which is the best bluetooth party speakers under 15000. Should also have a
Soumya Raghu : 1 year ago
Hi, Can you please suggest the best smart phone for senior citizen with not so good hearing capability
Priyesha Koriya : 1 year ago
Please help me. How can I recover permanently deleted photos.I can't get them back.Please help me s...more
Abhishek Solanki : 1 year ago
Hi want to purchase mobile with in 10 k with fast charing 4000 mah battery & good camera with 4g
Neenu PURI : 2 years ago
Dear Rajiv,
Pl can u talk about smartphones which look smart
for the elderly in India.
Jas Veer : 2 years ago
Hi Rajiv sir can u plz tell me mi a1 vs honor 7x which one better from daily uses and gaming not heavy g...more
Suhail Yusufzai : 2 years ago
My first five words on Blackberry: Thanks for this lovely gift.
Er VIkash SHarma : 2 years ago
एन्ड्रोइड सा आया मेरा दोस्त ........😘 😘 my five wor...more
Gorakh Vanjare : 2 years ago
Fisrt Five words on Key One will be ▷ This Is Just The Beginning.

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