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Maharashtra: Drought by Design


Maharashtra is in the grip of the worst ever drought since 1972. Ask the politicians, and they will say its about a shortage of rainfall. But this week, a Truth vs Hype investigation discovers how Maharashtra’s politicians are equally complicit in creating the water crisis. On one hand, we found how scarce water resources are being cornered, even stolen by Maharashtra’s sugar barons, most of whom are members of the ruling NCP. On the other hand, how crores of rupees spent on building mega –dams has not helped farmers at this time of crisis. In fact the only beneficiaries of the frenzy of dam-building are Maharashtra’s contractor-politicians.  


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7 years ago

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Shailesh Gala : 6 years ago
Mr. Srinivas Jain, I have been fan of your shows and your reporting. I just listened to your debate on i...more

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