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Vikram Chandra

Here is the trascript from the chat on Ayodhya:

Vikram Chandra: 

Hi, all. Let me start by saying that we still need to go through the entire fine print to understand exactly what the judgment contains.

So anything that i say over the next 15 minutes must have that health warning.

For starters though, let me just hail the spirit with which all political parties, litigants, and even the media have approached this potentially divisive issue. Even after the verdict, it is great to hear representatives from all sides sounding moderate and tolerant; talking about a reconciliation process.

[Comment From Swetha : ] 

Do you really think people will agree to have a mosque and temple side by side and pray in peace.... Its another headache like unresolved Kashmir issue

Vikram Chandra: 

Shweta, but hindus and muslims pray next to each other in hundreds and thousands of locations all across the country!

[Comment From Lakshmi Agarwal ] 

I totally agree if they have to give suggestions in dividing the place why not build a school or hospital that will serve the purpose instead of this unwanted judgment

Vikram Chandra: 

Lakshmi that would be great.

[Comment From Sumit] 

Dear Guest, two wrongs never make a right. If Ram mandir existed and was demolished does not give any rights to any to demolish a masjid and rebuild the mandir. Even if it is BJP.

Vikram Chandra: 

Sumit, i firmly believe that any such demolition is abhorrent..

Justice aggarwal and Khan seem to indicate that the Babri structure was built on land where a temple had once existed, while Justice Sharma seemed to feel that a temple was demolished to build the mosque. This is an important point for subsequent negotiated settlement.

[Comment From a a : ] 

vikram what do you think of this judgment personally?

Vikram Chandra: 

Am no lawyer, but from initial look at verdict.. it seems that Justice Khan and Aggarwal agreed on most issues; Justice Sharma strongly backed the Hindu case.

[Comment From Amrit Pal Singh ] 

I read one statement from a guy in twitter which I need to post here..."We have made enough of Mosques & Temples.. Lets build the nation now"

Vikram Chandra: 

Amrit pal you are so right.

[Comment From Ranga] 

Vikram, do you sense a sort of vindication for the demolition happened in 1992 or you would see these sort of accommodative judgments in the future

Vikram Chandra: 

Ranga, certainly not a vindication of demolition or anything like that. All of these title suits, by the way, predate the demolition

[Comment From Girish.] 

Is there any chance of solving cases before Usain Bolt completes his 100mts...???

Vikram Chandra: 

Not really dipen.. this is a major issue..but needs to be handled responsibly..

[Comment From Ekta ] 

wht do you realy think tht this is the end of this????

Vikram Chandra: 

You have to feel proud of India on a day like this. Here is one of the most divisive issues that India has ever known -- and yet, we have, so far, handled an extremely emotive verdict with remarkable maturity.

[Comment From Anil] 

Reactions from India?

Vikram Chandra: 

And right now, not a SINGLE report of any trouble anywhere in the country. Not one protest, and not one sign of visible celebration.

[Comment From Imran : ] 

Is it a fair judgement folks?

Vikram Chandra: 

i think it is a reasonable judgement Imran. Everyone gets something.

[Comment From Guest] 

Its time to let go of the ghosts of the past & take it as a New Bgining a Pilgrimage Place where hindus will visit the birth place of Ram and Muslims will offer Namaz peacfully b'coz eventually this is all that matters PEACE doesn't It...Vikram

Vikram Chandra: 

agree.. bury ghosts of the past..

[Comment From ankit jindal ] 

one more thing........i think the media has done a superb job !! this is what is known as sensible journalism !! i think more than politicians it has been the Media who has brought calm and avoid any type of communal tension

Vikram Chandra: 

Yes, Ankit am glad that, for once, the media all unitedly stuck to its decision not to report the verdict in inflammable manner

[Comment From Guest ] 

hi vikram who is Nirmohi Akhara ?

Vikram Chandra: 

Nirmohi Akhara and Mahant Raghunath had filed a case in 1959 claiming to be the sect responsible for conducting puja

[Comment From Mohsin ] 

Lets hope more than the common men who beleive in their respective faiths, the legal representatives who represented them in this case dont stretch their moment of triumph /disappointment(if any)to garner mileage of any sorts for their efforts. this could be the only way that touble would brew and spill over to the ones who actually care less about the verdict.

Vikram Chandra: 

I agree Mohsin. But i dont think they will. I think India's Muslims recognize what the true priorities are, just as all other communities do.

[Comment From Girish...: ] 

@Vikram... more importantly the pride at stake as hosts of CWG 2010...

Vikram Chandra: 

girish.. we may end up being positively surprised by cwg after all..

[Comment From Faiz] 

Hi Vikram, now should not we start thinking about the people who were behind the demolition and riots should also face judgement?

Vikram Chandra: 

Absolutely Faiz. Long overdue.

Vikram Chandra: 

There are far more important issues for us to deal with now as a nation. Education, eradicating poverty, growing at 10 percent, building infrastructure... Forget the tensions and divisions of the past..

[Comment From Mustafa ] 

Vikram, What is the assurance that when this matter gets cold, RSS, BJP, or any other will not create another such issue? This verdict does not seem to address it.

Vikram Chandra: 

Mustafa, i think those parties have all recognized that the time for such divisive issues is behind us. The nation has moved on. And i think the nation will not accept such moves again. Which is why even the radical groups like VHP etc dont really talk about varanasi, mathura etc any more

[Comment From Kavesh ] 

Now it seems sunni waqf board not satisfied with 3 way division...............what will happen!what do they want?possession of entire land!

Vikram Chandra: 

Kavesh, Sunni Waqf board has lost the title suit and that's why it is appealing to the Supreme Court. The question though is whether they can eventually be persuaded to accept a compromise formula

[Comment From Ansari] 

what is Nirmohi Akhara?

Vikram Chandra: 

For those asking, Nirmohi Akhara one of those who had filed a title suit. Their's is the case from 1959. They said that they should allowed to look after the Ram shrine as is their tradition. I think their title suit was dismissed as with the Waqf board. But they still get one third of land.By the way, very important to read the parts of the judgement that relate to how the Babri structure was built, and what existed before.

[Comment From Sarathy] 

Vikram, We want it to be over, that is the reason.

Vikram Chandra: 

true, Sarathy

[Comment From Raghu ] 

it would also be nice to hear from the RSS that they will build a temple and also a mosque there...

Vikram Chandra: 

What an excellent idea Raghu! And both build by volunteers from both communities.


[Comment From Ashish Tripathi ] 

Its a superb verdict. On one side it accepted the fact that this was Land of Birth of Sri Ram, and on the other side it reflects the all time existing openness and open heartedness of Hinduism to accept other religions and hence 1/3rd land to Muslim. I don't see any other reason as why 1/3rd land is given to Muslims. Vikram - Do you think Sunni moving to SC will lead to another long era of justice delay ?

Vikram Chandra: 

Yes, Ashish; in many ways this holds the promise that the single most divisive moment in the history of independent india can some day lead to a grand gesture of reconciliation on the very same spot.

[Comment From Sara: ] 

What is the legal position on this?

Vikram Chandra: 

Don't know about legal points in this, i know some constitution experts have doubts. But as a compromise formula it is very interesting. Let's see if a backroom deal can now be done; following which the Waqf Board withdraws decision to go to Supreme court 

[Comment From Sam Wilson] 

Hi All, I think this is a time when India can turn a new leaf in history. Indians should grab it with both hands and not let the chance go at all. Agree with Vikram that the solution should be acceptable to all - seems much easier to digest than the one which would have been completely in one party's favour. Sunni Wakf board, i hope, will also accept it and move on. Come on guys, let's move. There is much to do in our country - let's leave all this behind us now.

Vikram Chandra: 

you are right, Sam. I hope there will be reconciliation.

[Comment From Sarathy] 

Vikram Will the media go back to CWG by tomorrow?

Vikram Chandra: 

Hope so, Sarathy! Time to enjoy the Games now!

[Comment From Pradip ] 

Now what is the role & responsibilty of Media Vikram?

Vikram Chandra: 

Responsibility of the media, Pradip, is to be responsible! On a day like today.

[Comment From Jk ] 

whether they build temple in same place?

Vikram Chandra: 

At the end of the day, everyone may end up feeling that this is a solution they can live with. The Hindus get the Ram temple with the idols at the present spot. And the muslims get a third of the land right next to that. But not sure whether Sunni Waqf Board will accept this.

[Comment From R.Ramakrishnan] 

There is no point for Sunni Board to SC now. This is utter waste of time and money for them.

Vikram Chandra: 

Interesting question on whether the Sunni Board would go to the Supreme Court or not. They may well feel that there is enough in this verdict for the Muslim community as well -- they get a third of the land and can build a mosque there. Also it is possible that there will now be hectic attempts at a negotiated settlement.

[Comment From Niraj Singh] 

reaction of politicans....??

Vikram Chandra: 

No clear political reactions yet, although initial positive reactions from the RSS and the BJP

[Comment From Guest ] 

Don’t you think we should have come to this much earlier?

Vikram Chandra: 

Could the solution have been found years ago? Yes of course! I think i suggested something very similiar in a piece-to-camera standing in front of the Babri masjid in July 1992!!!!

[Comment From Abhishek Verma ] 

Will this verdict bring peace and harmony ?

Vikram Chandra: 

Will the verdict bring peace and harmony, Abhishek? Can keep hoping so!

[Comment From R.Ramakrishnan] 

with this the full verdict is over or still full verdit is still to come?

Vikram Chandra: 

The debate now will be over the legal points that brought the courts to this verdict. But the net result is something that perhaps everyone can live with

[Comment From Srimukh] 

it would be better to interpret it as everyone's victory instead.

Vikram Chandra: 

Perhaps that is what the court tried to do as well. Avoid giving anyone an outright victory, although it has to be said that the precise spot where the idols are can be used for the temple

The RSS chief is on air right now saying that this should not be interpreted as anyone's victory or anyone's loss.

[Comment From Jk ] 

Your thoughts on how will this peace and harmony stand?

Vikram Chandra: 

It would be fantastic if the atmosphere of appealing for calm and peace that we have seen in the run up to the verdict can now translate itself into a genuine move for reconciliation.

[Comment From Chethan] 

Sir, Do you think that the politics is involved in this verdict?

Vikram Chandra: 

Also, what is now a very real possibility is a negotiated settlement between the various parties before the matter necessarily goes to the Supreme Court. I think some of the preliminary comments from the Muslim Personal Law board and others points in this direction.

[Comment From kumaresh ] 

May i know that what is the status till now?

Vikram Chandra: 

The essence of the verdict, based on what Ravi Shankar Prasad says is that there will be a three way split. Ram Lalla gets one third, Nirmohi Akhara gets a third, and the Muslims get a third. The idols wont be shifted.If I understand the verdict correctly, we can theoretically have a Ram Mandir, with its sanctum sanctorum at the spot where the idols are presently located, and then a mosque right next to it


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