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Vikram Chandra

Here is the trascript from the chat on Ayodhya:Vikram Chandra: Hi, all. Let me start by saying that we still need to go through the entire fine print to understand exactly what the judgment contains.So anything that i say over the next 15 minutes must have that health warning.For starters though, let me just hail the spirit with which all political parties, litigants, and even the media have approached this potentially divisive issue. Even after the verdict, it is great to hear representatives from all sides sounding moderate and tolerant; talking about a reconciliation process. [Commen ...more9 years ago

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Stanley D'souza : 2 years ago
My Dog and me could be traveling to India. She eats BEEF! will she be arrested? Can the BJP communicate ...more
Azhar_Bihari : 6 years ago
Tendulkar is well respected throughout the world. I have seen him in Australia and England. The respect ...more

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Vikram Chandra

So if you liked the Greenathon effort, pls put your hands together for the Green Team:

Smeeta, Aditi, Gargi, Raashi, Shagufta and many others in the Greenathon team... We missed you Priyanka K!

Manika, Devna, Shitij, Rachna, and the rest of the incredible production team.

Sonal and Sabina for all the guests and sponsors.

Gagan, the tech team, Meghna and everyone at

Sankalp and the whizzkids from NDTV labs

Wizcraft and all our other partners.

I know i am missing a lot of names so will update this shortly!!! 10 years ago

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Vikram Chandra

The idea behind NDTV Greenathon is to take the message to those who may have never thought about the environment till now.

And it's not just the celebs. Thousands of "ordinary" men women and children will spend their weekend trying to make a difference.

It's very easy for the cynics to sit comfortably at home and mock their efforts. But why don't they DO something positive instead? 10 years ago

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Vikram Chandra

The comments posted by Shahrukh Khan on Twitter

feel awful that balasahib & udhav have misconstrued my words. the reactions of the sena workers seems to make me believe that.

i have never hurt anybody's sentiments..religious,nationalist or personal wittingly. i am pro relationships but not at cost of my nation.

writing not to justify but to spell out clearly who i am & my beliefs. seems otherwise i am misunderstood. should i write in block letters ?

dont want mayhem anger and violence cos of our beautiful film...which talks about repairing a bruised & divided world.

i may not ...more10 years ago

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Vikram Chandra

Happy New Year, all!! Please log on to for a REALLY politically correct New Year wish that someone sent me! 10 years ago

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Vikram Chandra

Know all men by these presents, that we, the undersigned, Vikram Chandra and his proximate kin

hereinafter known as the Wishors,

(which expression specifically excludes other heirs, successors, and assigns)

do hereby covenant with the recipient of this greeting, hereinafter referred to as the Wishee,

(which expression shall include spouse, partner, significant other, and family within the generally accepted sense of the term)

That the Wishors, jointly and severally, hereby convey, free to all, without monetary consideration present or future, their best wishes for this holiday ...more10 years ago

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Vikram Chandra

Home Ministry should be re-defined, says Chidambaram

Home minister P Chidambaram has called for total restructuring and laying out a full "new security architecture".

"Jihadi tactics are being copied by other insurgent groups including the Hindu groups", warned Chidambaram.

He said the role of the Home Ministry needs to be re-examined and that it should only deal with internal security issues.

Chidambaram said a National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), to be set up by 2010, will prevent, contain and respond to terrorism, including violence by any group including Maoists and insurg ...more10 years ago

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Vikram Chandra


1. Kyoto still alive
2. Twin track still there
3. Assembly of world leaders; and efforts they made shows high level concern about climate change
4. Copenhagen Accord shows some narrowing of differences in critical areas like MRV.
5. India protected "red lines"
6. Broad goals- like 2 degree target- have been set


*Very few concrete steps or policies.
* No legally binding treaty
* No fresh commitments on emission cuts by developed world
* Only marginal movement from stated positions
* we couldn't tie down a binding agreement eve ...more10 years ago

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Vikram Chandra

Formula for hope at Copenhagen ?

Here's what BASIC countries have proposed to the Americans:

- National communication once in two years based on revised format

- Supported action will have international MRV

- Unsupported action domestic MRV based on international guidelines

- Domestic MRV will be provided to UNFCC for information. Americans want the word consultation to be used instead.

Apparently there is agreement on first three but not on fourth and BASIC countries are clear no intrusive review possible.

That would then set the stage for negotiations on a binding deal ...more10 years ago

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Vikram Chandra

Live from Copenhagen

As we've been reporting since yesterday, still no sign of countries heading for a legally binding treaty in Copenhagen.

But we are now starting to play the cards that could lead to a "deal", which then gets tied into a binding treaty next year. In business terms, this will be a term sheet, with definitive documents still to be signed.

Copenhagen did see some positive steps today; no fresh Danish draft, resumed twin track talks, and the US financial pledge.

But we still need to see how the financial package works and what those developed country reductions look ...more10 years ago

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Venkatesh Kulkarni : 6 years ago
How arrogant, egoistic, idiotic is this Manishankar Iyer in todays Vikram's bigfight programme. He...more

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