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Shekhar Gupta

The Rao-Manmohan Singh reforms triggered a process of creative destruction of corporate India that annihilated many legacy companies and businesses that thrived in the licence-quota raj. But reforms gifted us an environment where much new entrepreneurship could emerge and grow. Since then Indian economy and markets have grown phenomenally.

That post-1991 destruction has, therefore, been entirely virtuous.

I am now sensing that a fresh round of similar creative destruction is beginning in corporate India. If in 1991 it was caused by the dismantling of the licence-quota raj, now technology is its fuel, and a brave, creative, driven if sometimes brash young entrepreneurs its drivers. Over the past few months WTT has tried featuring some of these, starting with Flipkart founders Sachin and Binny Bansal earlier this year.

Our guest on #WTT today, is one such. In fact, among the most prominent and interesting in this new generation. Rahul Yadav, an IIT-Powai (Mumbai) dropout, launched Housing.Com which investors poured millions into and then fought with them--in public, colourfully--to be fired. He is now back with a new start-up; which he only wants to identify with a code-name yet.

Investors are interested again and Rahul is in news. But for someone who plays the media all the time--mostly through social media--he is shy of talking to journalists. This, therefore, is his first open-ended and detailed interview. 
4 years ago

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