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Shekhar Gupta

How many of us even remember the Communists still rule a state in India?
Or that we have a chief minister who is serving his fourth consecutive term in office, and whose strength increases with each election?

Ok, some hints: he is the first chief minister in the North-East to fully withdraw Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), his state has put behind a history of ethnic violence and insurgency, and beginning with the lowest social indicators in the country, it has among the best in many areas now. His state, in fact, has almost 100 per cent literacy now and an per capita income very close to the national average. His is among the fastest growing states in India now.

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar of the CPM is the most durable Mr Clean. A diehard communist, he gives his salary to the party and lives on a Rs 5,000 maintenance allowance it gives him. But his Communism is very different from what lost his party power in West Bengal, dadagiri and arrogance.

Manik Sarkar is also a hopelessly (for us journalists) shy and self-effacing man. Nearly 20 years in power, but this is his first proper TV interview. And even though he is supple and fitter than most people at his age, 66, I couldn't get him to walk outdoors for our talk, as he wouldn't want to be seen trying to publicise himself! The balcony of his office is about as far as I could get him.

But we had a wonderful, inspirational conversation. Hear him out, in particular, on how he quietly folded back AFSPA, police station by police station, unknown to the rest of the country. At the same time, he says, he fully supports the security forces. And hear him say Advani was India's best Home Minister so far and why....

4 years ago

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