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"I don't understand the logic. For example there is no an on Horse racing,where in horses are made to run at high speeds,than their normal capacity. As horse racing is promoted by Haves there is no opposing by vested groups."
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"Crying FOX in the name of Poor and Down trodden was the favorite habit of COMRADES.. At least now at the helm of affairs may we hope they will get down to real work .."
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"Madam,am really over thrilled by the way you have been doing yeomen service. You are an example for others to follow. You are a GEM and a ray of HOPE for lakhs of indians who have been living out side the country."
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"In a greed to copycat high society manners, the young generation has forgotten all ethics. The elders should wake up. Put some sense in to the heads of youngsters. Otherwise things like this will increase. Feel sad for the poor Nanjundaswamy. RIP."
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"Wishing you all the best. Speedy recovery to normalcy. Country needs people like you for long. War Wishes sister..."
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