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"I dont understand why its considered exclusive, the social media and youtube has videos of this already."
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"The difference between Shah Rukh Khan And Amir Khan, where are Indian cultural values now? Kaha hai hamari sabitayen, kahan? Anyway first we did this to our women with rape and item numbers, now its the turn of the men ......."
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"It's about time India decided to what extent, it will allow the role of religion in politics because democracy, is not about Elections, representation alone but also about democratic values . Values that are being questioned in the campaign and rebutted with generalizations. If 2002 Gujarat riots were the first televised riots and Modi admits it was a mistake to allow such coverage to be aired, as the reality of the brutality of the violence shook the consciousness of people, and so many Indians..."
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"Why are the reporters sitting in Paris and Washington making such silly remark, since when did any country start releasing their military intelligence information to media to write their reports. The search wasn't in the area, and neither is the unidentified plane path confirmed to be MH370. Can they have predicted or proven it???"
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"Good connect of emotions and idea, congrats team! There actually is a Fazal sweet House at Mochi Gate Lahore getting some free advert, care to ship globally??? hahahah Good job."
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