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"It's not clearly mentioned that, the Minister's and MLA's come under this law.....!!

After all they are also humans, and have been elected by us....

If law makers become law breakers, then they should also come under this law equally.....

They should understand that they are not above the law...."
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"Does this rule imply to the minister's and the MLA's equally???

It would be clearly mentioned...

Because if law makers become law brakers, then they should be also be treated equally under this law...

They are also human and they have been elected by us, and they should understand this fact & reality, that they are not beyond or above the law....."
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"What is the use of bringing new trains and special trains?

Anyone can reach from Punjab to Puducherry in maybe a month or so....!!

But it is the time bound journey, that is most important to people.....

First get the current running trains to reach on time, then think about for bringing new trains......"
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