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"China openly snubbed India and praised Pakistan for its great sacrifices etc., Russia also despite the Big business deal Modi gave it for the missile system, cold shouldered India's overtones. Now only India can look forward to the US as a true ally. The media and Government should retread India's history, that during the Chinese aggression, it was only the US that came to our aid and rescue, or rather saved us. Now no better hope for India ,than Trump, who says USA will be the best of friends..."
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"Dear Prannoy, a beautiful research methodology analysis. But Jayalalithaa has given her opponents an electric shock, and fused them. A 100 Units of free current tevery month to each household, is a major relief to all segments, and a huge vote influencer.
By Ranidom, Simple,specified and collective sampling I did, on 200 BPL ration cardholders, On whether they would be influenced by this largesse or will it aid them in any way. ?
I found that a staggering 85% of the 200, blankly said it w..."
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"Realising these viewpoints,I gave up my education in UK, left the UK and returned to India. I decided not to even speak English, their language imposed on us , and use only Hindi & Tamil. No true Indian like me should live in UK as well, or speak English , it is a national bertrayal of all our patriotic claims. to adopt their birthright language English."
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"The best and safest place to be is at home. - in India ."
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"This kind of idiotic statements make us worldwide " laughing stocks & lunatics" . The Indian Science Congress turned into a hilarious comedy of joking fools, when some local scientists started making absurd, hallucinating claims of India flying planes and rockets with 40 engines, and remote control devices 5000 years ago ! - And even more such stupid eccentric statements. The ' educated' minister"s statement that there was scientific instruments in India th..."
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