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"Love this very easy !"
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"@: He spent 40 minutes with that guy -- what has he done -- he became Indian from Pakistanis-- Mt PM has no time to spare a minute or two to express sympathy for Gauri - even if She wrote against BJP and RSS Ideology -- a RIP statement (may be written by his PA) can not take more than 2 minutes -- Hindu Religion teach us that after everybody - ENEMY or FRIEND is same -- what shorts of Hinduism he is demonstrating by not expressing any condolence for death - neither he expressed Condolence for 15..."
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"@Anonymous: @Mr. Mukherjee --- As if Some people act as PA of someone --entertainment
Here is something for your ent
(1) inheriting (according to someone's statement) some business - does not make one someone Good Businessman

(2) He became co-director of a Bank after coming to Power

(3) You can run a business by cheating -- but can not run a country -- for example you can add tiny stone chips in rice in 1:500 ratio and get some profit -- you can add a lot additives to plastic, add recycled pl..."
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