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"Mr. Bajpai it must be clear by now that the lockdowns have failed to arrest the disease and shredded our economy which was already steadily declining before the c19 pandemic hit us. This medical problem is being treated as if it was a law and order problem. All we need are masks in public, hand sanitizers at every entry point and Remdesivir to beatr this virus. Green zones are an illusion, this is a Pandemic remember."
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"Maharashtra collapsing. Section 356 for 30 days required and reasonable."
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"Most people flying can make own arrangements for transport to home where they may be quarantined as required. In addition special buses may be arranged to ply btwn airport and key residential and commercial hubs to ferry passengers.who again will quarantine as required. States should focus on expanding medical facilities and making medicines available to deal with covid 29 infections which will be with us for a ong time to come."
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"Not a single picture of Amos."
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"Beautiful picture of mom and son. Jaya in flowing colour. Abhisheks fear is so palpable. Dragon mom rules."
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