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"//And yes, I also remember my math teacher who caned us a lot... // "You see, I believe what I see / And my cane hears what you feel!"//"
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"/ I do remember some of my teachers saying: / / Look up when you dream / Look ahead when you walk //"
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"/ My teachers taught me the importance of newspaper reading... // Start your day with a newspaper / And end by solving a test paper //"
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"// My teachers DID more than they SAID /

ACTION prevents a life that is dead. //"
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"For my teacher (a poem)... /




If I can read the books around me /

If I can write of all that I see /

If I now know how much is how much /

It's all because some teacher taught me! /


So today and this day each year /

I sit and think with a mind that's clear /

And remember my teachers from yore /

They gave me my life's vital gear! /


/ /

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