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"Yes, the doubts about massive copying in examinations all over India is a subject of wide discussion for the past few years. But the recent revelations about the scale, technology used are baffling. It appears the massive cheating is coming to light thanks to Yogi and nitish. It makes one to feel that all other government examinations were also conducted like this only. God save india"
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"The man,kejr kejriwal is so thick-skinned, even the reprimand of the court will not affect him. He is obsessed with two people, Modi and baijal. Unless some psychyatric treatment I given, he will not come out of his obsession. Perhaps his better-half should think of this."
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"I don't understand why and how Naidu has joined this unruly band of chief ministers? He is somewhat sauce and intelligent and known for his development strategies. But joing hands with kejriwal, mamata and Vijayan's will not bring any good name to him .But those people will get some credibility."
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"Kejriwal knows that IAS people are not on strike, and working. But he can't force them to dance to his tunes. He knows he cannot do anything. That's why this drama. Did sheia dixit not ruled Delhi for nearly fifteen years with the same set of rules, almost similar people? NACH NA JANE AANGAN THEDA."
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"Does kumaraswamy want everything to be discussed with the PM? Let him understand that there are ministers for every subject and he has to discuss the issues with them first and only with PM if needed. All issues cannot be dealt by PM directly. The minority CM may understand this."
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