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"Karnataka government is not that naive to construct a dam which will even remotely help tamilnadu. But this minister, intelligently trying to cause rift among the tamilnadu political parties and thus take advantage of the situation. But the tamilnadu politics, as it is and used to be, is not in the interest of the state, but only to establish their superiority and gain votes."
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"These people would have prostrated before her for her blessings. That is not revealed. Now, Congress has become last resort for all the fissiparous and disgruntled groups."
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"It is an avoidable luxury. The three international airports are enough for Kerala including adjacent areas of tamilnadu and Karnataka. Regarding not inviting oomen Chandy and achutansndan, you can not expect better things from communists. It is their quality. Just ignore and throw them out in the next election for ever."
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"Just looting the nation. Should be imprisoned for life."
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"@Anonymous: But what is the present position of the CBI? One is not able to support the CBI even one wants to. But that doesn't mean that Naidu should go his way unhindered. Something should be done first to restore the credibility of CBI and contain the waywardness of Naidu"
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