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"Let the students study while in schools and colleges. Don't spoil them. They are fed and paid by rhe hard earned money oftheir parents. Hence these people have no moral right to enter politics during their studies. But as a human being also one can not talk of morals with kamaal Hasan. Still a request not to spoil next generation ."
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"Some years ago, there was a dispute in Lok Sabha about sharing of some information, which Indira Gandhi steadfastly refused and opposition was unrelenting. At last, Indira Gandhi came down and allowed important opposition leaders to peruse the files. The details can not be recollected. Such strategy can be adopted now, the confidential file can be shared to very few opposition leaders and few honest and honourable public figures like former supreme court judges and CAGs etc to clear the smokescr..."
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"Most of the MPs getting elected are goondas. You can not expect better things from them."
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"This is AMMA's government ruled by AMMA's followers and following AMMA's principles. You cannot blame the present government. They are all AAMMA's devotees. Ask the people who were released from bondsge from when they are in bonded labour state."
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"@Anonymous: Far-fetched thinking."
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