Naman Deep

Commented 1 year ago
"Dear hon'ble Cheif Minister Sir,

    I am glad to say that As a chief minister ,Sir you are doing a great job , But i have several issues about discrimination among the case of Scholarship System of Himachal Pradesh Board of Education. As a student it is our duty to score good marks in examinations but after scored good marks in examinations the scholarships is different for Arts students ,commerce as well as Science Stream. Nearly a days inspire scholarship is launched it is a good scheme but the bad thought about this scheme is that it is only for science students who scored good marks 90% above in 12th.

Its benefit will only given to science stream students, so what is meaning of taking the Stream like Arts and commerce if the benefit will only given to Science stream students. The students of arts and commerce stream also have scored 90% above marks but no inspire scholarship is available for them . What is the fact behind this that there is no importance of Stream like arts and commerce. It is simply a term of discrimination for the Arts and commerce Students. What is the mistake of arts students, is that they choose the arts subject nor science Subject. The students of arts and commerce streams are also belonged to poor houses low incomes . So there is no need of inspire scholarship for those ? 

Every subject is equal in education . Each has its own importance but these type of scheme in which 80,000 rs are only given to science students , it does not show any equality in education, it is a hard injustice for another stream students because they also score 90%+ marks in 12th but not eligible for inspire scholarship.

I request you to please eradicate this discrimination in scholarships on stream bases ,if the govt. Has no budget then they have manage the amount 27,000rs to each stream student. If it does not happen then the intrest in arts subject and commerce , it curbs individual talents and decrease the intrest of education in students of another streams.

So,kindly manage  the amount of scholarship to each stream another wise it will take a face of big problem for the government and leads to decrease in intrest in education. It is not only mine problem it is problem of all arts and commerce students who done good job in their exams.

Your kindly,

A arts student belong to a poor family.


Village Duhal Bangwalan ,P.O kinnu teh. Bharwain distt. Una (H.P)."

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