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"He should be immediately thrown behind the bars, speaker should intervene and revoke his member ship from the assembly for being so rude with a girl in a land where woman is treated as Godess. There is purity in his intention, he is trying to scare the girl by saying if the rapist enters his room. The Judge should take this videos as an evidence and put him in jail without bail till culrpits are punished.

Its pity that our land has such persons who become law makers."
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"This seems to be a bad step and not in the right direction. Modiji, instead of just scrapping please ensure full transparency of the bureaucrats and top bosses and make liable for every fault they make."
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"If he has declared just 18 crores as his total assets including cash, he should be investigated or he should come clean, how he funded 5 crores car for his wife. He should show the source of this 5 crores income. I don't know when our country will become corrupt free.. I request the immediate step should be doe by central and state govt is to bring JanLokpal bill, Citizen charter bill, public grievance address bill"
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"Its good sign from election commission. It should ensure no party makes false promises and if they don't deliver "due to cheating the Indian citizens by luring with fake promises" should be de-recognized and all the working committee members at state level and National level looses immediate right of contesting elections or founding a new party. If we have such stringent rules, then these parties don't make false promises and cheat the people"
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"I request media to chase and pressurize them to punish the culprits and it would be great if media can focus on policy of behavioral change of public officers (police, doctor etc) towards the common citizen."
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