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"@Anonymous: wow!!!! what perception!!!!"
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"@Anonymous: who told you that all will support this type of rubbish letter. if have problem with India, leave and go to Pakistan."
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"in India Most of Muslims are converted. There fathers fore-fathers were Hindu. You can go to History. Why no oppose when one raise fatwah on marriage of Muslim lady with Hindu. Why no fatwah when Amir khan married to hindu woman.

Why no hue and cry on Halala.

Why no cry when other religions are converting them to their religion.

why no story against Halala/Triple talaq in AMir khan ovies, why against only Hindu's.

Shame on you people"
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"@Anonymous: why cant you hear pain of muslim women who divorced by saying three words and then forced to Halala, why not raised question when Fatwah issued when Nusrat Jahan married to Hindu. At that time where was your humanity."
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