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"@: The word responsible in the comment says it all why the principal and the management have to be punished for what has happened and if it is difficult to understand after a life is lost then it is pathetic ."
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"Could not fast even half the number of days Kejriwal had fasted that shows what kind of leader Kapil is"
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"Amazon is only trying to please the government of the day in india take it easy they are taking the q from one of our minister Anil Vij"
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"Cards, ATMs, Will Be Redundant By 2020 In India: NITI Aayog Vikram there is the 2017 first headline"
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"@Blumen: Blocking water is not a good idea as this is one of the scare campains in pakistan it is important to win the people of pakistan then it will be easy to dismantel thier army and political setup funded by outsiders if one has to win without a war."
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