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"Every year, when it is time for Kargil triumph celebration, we get to read something new - India "would have" done this, "would have" done that, was only "few minutes" from doing this/that. When will we get to read "India DID"."
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"Dumbstruck. First she was killed and her students were allowed to seen the spot."
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"If given a choice, Rajan should accept and continue to be RBI chief from Sep. Otherwise, it would mean Swamy won."
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""The breathing technique involves "active exhalation and passive inhalation". During inhalation the stomach sinks in and vice-versa during exhaling."

I thought your belly is pushed in when exhaling. If it was a mistake, but get your facts right. There are people who follow these for their benefits.

A wrong method will only injure them"
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"@Ind : Looks like you were benefited by my tax. Enjoy !!!"
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