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"Kanoon Ke Haath Bahut Lambe Hote Hai. AAj nahi To kal Koibhi Pakada Jayega. Don't think you are safe commiting a CRIME."
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"Be HUMANE Kind not BRUTAL Mind. What these NIRADHAR People know about AADHAR CARD. You may drive them out tomorrow because they don't have AADHAR CARD is there any justification. Use commonsense thats important."
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"Copying MODI language and words but no QUALITY of MODI."
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"PAKISTAN A " ZAHAREELA NATION " and its on the BRINK of complete collapse."
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"Our NATIONAL Identity should appear on our CURRENCY with the DEVNAGARI SAMSKRUT Language and not any one or any other things.

Our Nation should be recognised with these things."
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