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"Introduction of a new concept is not easy.

However if practical approach is adopted like - make it a prerequsite for getting Degree Certificate - to explain it to 1000 people and submit their contact details and obtain confirmation through independent sources.

Also conporates - specially operating in rural India can be entrusted this responsibilityy."
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"Since GOI has shown some welcome signs of agression, to drive in their point heavy dutydhouldbe imposed on Chinese products and deliver me their approach will change drastically alone with their support for Pakistan.

Also for a change I agree with MMC and visa OF PAKISTAN ARTIST BANNED AFTER THEIR current visa expire.

Further a dossier of those on whose spnsorship these artist are visiting India examined thorny.

Ashok Kumar"
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"It is a shame that after 70 years, petty minded leaders seek extra privileges based on caste.

Like subsidies, there should be a plan for elimination of reservations."
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"Wonder in our India, how impotent electorate are who get some decision making power once in 5 year. Once elected the most corrupt like UPA is holding the parliament and Rajyasabah to ransom and we cannot do any thing about it."
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