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""In the West, opinions are respected. In our country, I think opinion is taken with a little more aggression if it doesn't agree with yours"......IS IT TRUE FOR NEIGHBOURING AND OTHER MUSLIM COUNTRIES TOO IN hIS opinion?

What happened in France,U.S.A to name with?
Did ever any such happen in India?

"The fact that we need to keep on talking about the three Khans to prove how secular India is means that India is not."....The fact that He is able to say so fear..."
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"There had been a plethora of Debates on Dadri and Dalit deaths, but NO NEWS on NEEMUCH where a Muslim Dabang chopped of both the hands of a temple pujari, who ultimately died, why so?

Are you Neutral?, Are you for TRP only, are you for political gains only?

Are you playing a constructive role in "Nation Building"?"
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