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"It has been proven time and again in the Congress party...Even if you are educated and intelligent, you got to have an invisible tail which you wag before the Gandhi family...The family not only prefers people of very, very average intelligence, they want people of very low self-esteem who have no qualms of saluting the family day in and day out...SHASHI THAROOR is in the wrong party...It is time for him to weigh his other options and move on...I do not want to dissect his personal life but the ..."
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"I wish Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his entire team ALL THE BEST for a very successful BRICS summit in Brazil...As of 2013, the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people with a combined nominal GDP of US $16.039 trillion and an estimated US $ 4 trillion in combined foreign reserves...It is a lot of people and it is a lot of money and I am sure that it would catapult the group into a very major global force."
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"Kapil Sibal wants to debate Narendra Modi. It is simply unheard of in the political history of any country that a 'DARBARI' of a political family wants to debate the Prime Ministerial candidate of the main opposition party...Kapil Sibal has two options...Either he should ask his boss/owner at 10 Janpath to declare their party's PM candidate and arrange a debate between him/her and Narendra Modi or request his boss/owner to declare him the PM candidate and give the country a chance to see a debat..."
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