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"can I avoid vinegar?"
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"Impractical. very difficult to follow particularly cannot avoid bread,refined four, white rice and grains etc. I must have an unpaid servant - wife- to do my cooking."
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"I am an old man. I do not go out much and so no need to carry phone in my pocket. will I be comfortable with 6.5 inch screen? is the speaker sufficiently loud for talk and also mic useful for talk? I do not normally hear music in phone. camera is useful but not necessarily of high fidelity. what is "hybrid sim slot" under cons? do you still recommend this phone for me?"
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"I recently purchased DAMA mixed fruit jam through e commerce. The manufacturing date is about 1 1/2 years old though the expirty date is still 6 months ahead. why should one buy one and half years old product."
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"Netflix has come to India. But they insist of credit or debit cards for payment In India many do not have such cards but may have small amount in Internt banking. Netflix should allow this maode payment also."
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