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"Never in before the Government has reacted like this. Very responsive relpy by Mr. Modi in UN and now. He did not gave any Knee Jerk reaction and he just concentrated on his usual business. But responded at time it was needed. Sure, as he said, the things will be fine soon."
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"It is a perfect reply. Time and the Men had changed in the Center. Unlike the previous Government, who did not even retaliate to these fires during the same part of the year, and the inflilteration continued as usual. Now we can be rest assured that in the next 5 years, the no. of infilterators from POK will be curtailed to maximum. Also, the J & K elections is due at anytime might bring some change in view among the party in power to focus on Governance and not on making confusing ..."
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"In response to We the Soldiers

The other part of the Army - Relationship with Officers and Soldier.

I live in Hyderabad, and passing by Army Ordinance Center, could understand the plight of a soldier in the Army. Not trying to say they that they should spoon feeded. But the things could hav been better. Now by seeing your recorded program (No I am away in SGP), I searched Wikpedia on Sanjay Kumar. Very sorry to read this that is mentioned under.

Extract From Wikipedia - unedited
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"Are we heading for an another conflict?"
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