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 4 years ago | Permalink
"every has right to pray .....It's Allah to decide what's wrong or right !"
 5 years ago | Permalink
"it's not Myntra I'm afraid of! what happens when all follow the same??? same happened to telecom companies "when one moves all will move""
 5 years ago | Permalink
"Watch it through routed torrent links as usual.

My respect to all up-loaders :P"
 5 years ago | Permalink
"hate to say but west would pay for all the devils they created !!"
 6 years ago | Permalink
"Delhi Police is really setting example of not indulging in unlawful activities and abiding law of book...Sounds Great! But one also can not deny that organized crime can run without political and police support.

So the warrant thing is just a cliche for not acting or not to offend over protectors.

I respect Kejriwal and Delhi police as's just if they are on same page then only difference can be made."
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