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"did you forget Taksim Square so quickly, Mr. Erdogan ?"
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"why not, after all it is "dadar kirti"..shame on you Tapas Pal, if you have said it. go to the Kali temple and apologize publicly."
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"can I know why the Chinese premier has not been invited ? Does this mean that China is not among the 'friendly neighbours' as per BJP ? I am also astonished to see not a single comment in this aspect."
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"Mr. Vaz, I am a so-called NRI working in EU since few years and I beg to slightly differ with a part of your comment.
You mentioned "...result in millions of mangoes going to waste in India". This in my opinion is not true as I believe that as a produce of India, common people of our country should have the right to access this fruit at a reasonable price. Presently it is is out of reach of millions of middle-class people. What have they done not to deserve the fruit that is gr..."
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"...and we are a progressive country, since we send rocket to Mars."
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