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 10 months ago | Permalink
"These are the gr8 dramatists ...lost people's presentation in just concluded general election as now no more MP. PHOTOSHOP ...Laughable"
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"Jealousness exists in the DNA of this family ..they believe that on this Earth everything belongs to them and their in laws. Other living people over this planet have taken birth only to serve these heavenly persons."
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"Why are you so irritated Mr Kumara Swamiji ??? on many occasion you were seen crying during your misrule as congi leaders were not allowing you to work. I am just amused and have a doubt if a crying person could have done something better at this juncture , perhaps NO.. Please relax and let the Yediuruppa govt bother ant take stock of serious flood situation for the betterment of Kannadiga people ."
 10 months ago | Permalink
"WOW!!! NDTV has good time pass...ha ha ha"
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