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"Sidelining a top women cricketer is a sad affair in the Indian cricket world. The authorities should show ample evidence about the allegations, unless it is proved how can they just sideline an upcoming amazing player. Mithali should come forward and make it public if any #metoo allegations involved against the coach or any officials upon this cruel act."
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Happy diabetes day.

It is really good to read the importance of nuts in a diabetes life. Indeed a very timely note. I am so glad to note that this post has been mentioned in my recently updates post, "Do you know the importance of November? on


Keep sharing."
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"Good to know that she is progressing.

Get well soon.

All good wishes.

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"3 Indian cities are in the first 10 congested cities, this is really amazing!

The list and the chart shows its seriousness, we need to curtain this

finding some solution to this growing menace. Yes, I said, it is a threat indeed, the CO2 emission index is quite alarming and will surely affect the health of the individuals, I am shocked to note that my city Hyderabad to occupied a position in the 25th place.

Thanks DC for sharing this information."
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"Congrats to Arvind Kejriwal and his Team.
An excellent victory. Indeed this is the victory of the Common man.

Our honorable PM and Team should make note of the reason for their downfall in this election. I am sure, one of the reasons for this downfall is Modi's long silence towards the atrocities meted out to the minority communities, and the so called allies seeking for an elimination of the democratic way of ruling. This type of aggressive forces should be suppressed or silenced within the pa..."
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